Screenwriting certificate student Beverly Smith-Dawson e-mailed us with some exciting and somewhat unexpected news—out of over 300 submissions in the Writers Digest Sci-Fi/Horror category, her short story, Chosen, won!

Beverly says, “My case is a little odd because I am in the Screenwriting Certificate Program, and a short story is what won. What I can say about my instructors is that ALL of them are wonderful. Each brings different strengths, and each instructor gave me what I needed in my writing at the time. I especially appreciate Tim Curnen who seemed to take such pleasure in every student’s writing. Even my weird stuff!”

As many Writers’ Program students have learned over the years, any writing course compliments whatever it is that you’re writing, even if you’re a screenwriting student writing in prose format—they all builds on each other.

Congratulations on this achievement Beverly.

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