Check out the new young adult novel In Your Room (Razorbill/Penguin), by former student Jordanna Fraiberg. Jordanna shares how she got her novel published:

“I got my start writing my first novel in a UCLA Extension class taught by Eve La Salle Caram. It was actually a class on the short story. I had chosen that class rather than the one on the novel because at the time, I had never finished anything, let alone a short story, so the class seemed less intimidating. It was Eve who convinced me that I was actually writing what felt like chapters in a novel, and she’s the one who convinced me that I had something to say, that I could do it. It was because of her that I finished that novel, and I worked with her until I did. While it’s not the book that got published, it got me my wonderful agent, Kate Lee, and it’s the book that started me on the path to getting my next one published.”

Jordanna has this advice on writing:

“It’s like training for a marathon. You start with one mile and eventually make it to twenty-six. And the reason you make it that far is because you stuck with it.”

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