Former UCLA Extension Writers’ Program creative writing assistant and student Josh Sitarz optioned his screenplay, Repeat After Me. Cowritten by Scott Honea, Repeat After Me is the story of a teenage girl who flees her dysfunctional family’s Las Vegas wedding chapel and sets out to become a magician’s assistant at a hotel scheduled for demolition. The script was a top 15 finalist in Slamdance for 2008 and was optioned by Dawn Wolfrom, the producer of The Perfect Man starring Hilary Duff and Heather Locklear.

When asked which classes helped him the most, Josh said, “All of them. I know that sounds pat, but there isn’t a class I regret taking. No matter the instructor or the students there is always something worthwhile about getting into a classroom and letting other people read and comment on your work. The hardest thing about writing is the solitude, and I believe the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program does an excellent job of fostering a community for writers in Los Angeles, and online. That said, I found Steve Mazur’s Advanced Feature Comedy class and Nunzio DeFilippis’ Writing for Sequential Art classes to be extremely informative and supportive.”

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