Ro Gunetilleke, who has taken over 15 courses with the Writers’ Program, will be reading his poetry next Wednesday, April 29th, at the Los Angeles Public Library ALOUD Series “Newer Poets XIV Reading.” The annual event includes ten minute readings by six local poets who are selected by the Los Angeles Poetry Festival and the Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center. Ro will read a series of poems that deal with the recent dark history of Sri Lanka. Here is a preview of his work:

…Touching the missing, we utter their names, like a mantra, a lament, they cling to our skin.

“I am ever grateful to Writers’ Program instructors Lou Mathews, Suzanne Lummis, Antoine Wilson, Laurel Ann Bogen and Tod Goldberg for their generous guidance. They allowed me to find my voice as a writer,” says Ro.

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