Creative Writing instructor Lollie Ragana’s personal essay “A Thimbleful of Sky” has been published in wordriver, a journal dedicated to the nonfiction, poetry, and fiction of adjunct instructors.

“‘A Thimbleful of Sky’ is a personal essay about a trip I made to the Peruvian rainforest where I traveled 35 miles up the Tambopata River and stayed in an eco-lodge where I awoke to the cry of howler monkeys, watched over 200 macaws feed at a clay lick, and, most especially, encountered the transcendent experience of a sky littered with stars.”

“Teaching in the Writer’s Program has been a constant source of inspiration for me. I am amazed by the people I meet and the stories they have to tell. They remind me that every life experience is unique and of the beauty each can bring to the world when the stories are shared. There is no better way to spend three hours each week than with a group of people who bring passion, humor, joy, sorrow, and, ultimately, eloquence to the human journey.”

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