Suffering from the mid-summer blues? Looking for a way to forget the recession and spend some time with like minded individuals? Then join us this Sunday for our annual Writers Faire at UCLA! This festive event is free, informative, and brings together a writing community of over 1,300 people for hours of discussion, networking, and learning. Over 60 professional writers, all of whom are teaching classes in the fall, will discuss novel writing, publishing, screenwriting, poetry, memoir writing, and more. Check out the following list for 10 fabulous reasons to join us:

1. Attend one of 24 free mini-panels and listen to our instructors chat about writing the first novel, living as a writer, the one hour drama series, getting started as a writer, comedic screenwriting, publishing, the personal essay, and more!

2. Get to know our instructors and find a good match for you. Q and A sessions at the end of each panel are a great opportunity to learn about the teaching philosophy, writing background, and personality of your future instructor.

3. Online learning demystified: four of our instructors discuss the benefits of online learning. Watch a Blackboard demonstration and find out if online classes are right for you!

4. Discuss classes, certificate programs, and your writing goals with ace Writers’ Program advisors.

5. Learn about graduate creative writing programs: the pros and cons of attending, how to get in, and what the experience is like. Faculty from local MFA programs and our own Aimee Liu provide an inside look.

6. Meet other aspiring writers and become a part of the UCLA Extension and Los Angeles-wide writing community!

7. Visit with professional and community organizations devoted to literacy including 826LA, PEN USA, Women in Film, Writers Guild Foudation.

8. Enroll in most fall courses at a 10% discount.

9. Enjoy the beautiful UCLA campus on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

10. Take the first step towards making your writing dreams come true.

We hope to see you there! For more information call 310-825-9415 or drop us a line at


Katy Flaherty is the Assistant to the Director of the Writers’ Program. 

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