Student Brock Cohen, who has taken screenwriting, sketch comedy, and memoir courses thorough the Writers’ Program, recently had two pieces posted on The first piece satirizes US foreign and domestic policies through a futuristic “2026 Retrospective.” His latest post summarizes California’s new plan to pay public school teachers: “Effective April 1, the new pay scale will mandate that all California K-12 public school teachers be paid in a salary consisting of compliments and words of encouragement, as opposed to the current mode of teacher compensation: small sums of money, gnome key chains, desiccated coffee cake slabs, and discount coupons to Waldenbooks.”

“Through extensive personalized instruction and a professional nurturing classroom environment, Mona Gable’s Personal Essay to Memoir course provided me with an entire toolbox of invaluable strategies, with an added emphasis on refining technique, using dialogue, enhancing creativity, and building structure. These are practical strategies for individuals like me who aspire to be published, working, successful writers.”

Congratulations on putting your tools to good use Brock! We think The Onion will be calling soon!

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