Nicette Jukelevics, a certified childbirth educator, has published her nonfiction guide Understanding the Dangers of Cesarean Birth: Making Informed Decisions (Praeger, 2008). The Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health calls her work, “a groundbreaking exposé of cesarean birth in the United States…Jukelevics asserts that a key factor in the increasing cesarean rate is the failure of health care providers and hospitals to provide clients with evidence-based information on cesarean birth, its risks and benefits, and actions that can increase a woman’s ability to give birth normally.” Nicette’s goal is for women to have the information they need to make informed decisions about childbirth.

She credits our own Susan Golant with helping her develop and sell her non-fiction book proposal. “The class was excellent and extremely helpful. I sent my proposal to only two publishers and it was accepted.”

She has also published a professional teaching manual for childbirth educators, nurses, and midwives called The VBAC Sourcebook and Teaching Kit (ICEA, 2000).

For more information about cesarean birth and additional resources, please visit Nicette’s website at

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