Ever feel that your workshop winds down just when you’re getting started? Or you’ve taken all the advanced classes but aren’t sure of the next step? Maybe the answer is sitting right in front of you: the Writers’ Program’s Master Classes.

Our Master Classes are specially designed for eight students to work with one teacher over multiple quarters (most are 9-months long but this fall we also offer a 6-month workshop). On the fiction side, Master Class students enter with an entire novel manuscript and spend the months polishing, perfecting, and revising. On the screenwriting and television side, students start with a concept, develop it into a draft, rewrite, and then polish into a final product. The goal is to come out with a professional, polished piece.

This fall we’re happy to bring you four Master Class workshops:

1) Master Class in Novel Writing (Onsite)

Instructor: Les Plesko

October 2010 – June 2011

2) Master Class in Novel Writing (Online/Low Residency)

Instructor: Lynn Hightower

September 2010 – June 2011

3) Master Class in Feature Film Writing (Onsite)

Instructor: Steve Mazur

October 2010 – June 2011

4) Master Class in Half-Hour Comedy Pilot Writing (Onsite)

Instructor: Phil Kellard

October 2010 – March 2011

What do you gain from this long-format workshop? Lynn Hightower, who taught the Master Class in Novel Writing (Online/Low Residency) last year and will teach it again this fall, says, “Working together for nine months gives us the freedom and time to work on broad but critical issues, like storytelling structure, and specific issues of craft. Working at an advanced level means that each class can be tweaked and tailored to the needs of the students — and it means that we have the advantage of working side by side with everybody intimately familiar with everyone’s work. We don’t have to stop every ten weeks, to rebuild familiarity and rapport. This is a huge benefit. Nine months gives us the freedom to develop an intense working relationship.”

To be considered for the class, students must submit work and be accepted ahead of time. The submission deadline is September 3, 2010. For complete details, see writers.uclaextension.edu/courses/master-classes/.

Still on the fence? Listen to Lynn, who says, “One of the most incredible aspects of the Master Class is the ability to build a creative momentum in the work, and in the relationships. It gave us the platform for cohesive, supportive, positive group working hard and working together. This Master Class is a vehicle for a phenomenal creative experience.”

Submit your work now.


Corey Campbell recently left the Writers’ Program to begin a new life in New Orleans.

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