Do you ever find yourself searching for more writing resources? Have you found yourself wondering which course to take? Are you interested in literary events? Would you like to find ways to be more involved in the Writers’ Program? Fortunately for you, we have these bases covered! Whether you’re a new certificate student or a long-time casual student, we offer five different ways that you can stay connected to, and informed about, the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program.

1) The Writers’ Program Website. Here you’ll find essential information about the programs and the courses we offer. Each week we have a new feature article, as well as a frequently updated column dedicated to student and instructor success stories. (Be sure to send us yours when the time comes!) The website menu contains information about everything from Frequently Asked Questions, to enrollments, and consultation services, and there’s a whole page dedicated to each one of our 250+ instructors. Students seeking information about program logistics and requirements for advanced courses and Master Classes will also have all their questions answered here. Consider it your primary source for all things Writers’ Program!

2) Twitter. If you’re involved in the recent wave of social networking you undoubtedly have a Twitter account, and so do we! Our Writers’ Program Twitter page offers you pithy updates about courses, events, and news — all in less than 140 characters. We boast over 1,700 followers — and growing. Not ready to open your own Twitter account? No problem. All of our Twitter posts appear on the homepage of our website.

3) Facebook. The Writers’ Program’s Facebook page offers links to interesting articles, instructor events, and information about open courses. Been to a recent Writers’ Program event? You just might find yourself in one of the many photos we post. We consider Facebook a great tool for student interaction so feel free to share an exciting link with us or comment about something that interests you.

4) The Writers’ Program Blog. Here, you’ll gain insight into the minds (and libraries) of the Writers’ Program staff. The posts feature everything from instructor interviews, to comments about an article or book we may have recently read, or program news including events, competitions, and course updates. As always, we welcome your comments, so let the dialogue begin.

5) The UCLA Extension Website. Once you’re armed with the information you need to select the right course, the UCLA Extension website is the place to go to register. Each quarter, all 125 Writers’ Program courses and the instructors who teach them are detailed in full. You can also learn more about our certificate programs and about other courses offered through Extension. Request a paper catalog, find out about upcoming events, or log onto MyExtension to change your grading status, check your grades, or view your course history. All your administrative needs can be met on this site.

We encourage all of you to visit us often and to let us know how we can help you make the most of your writing education.

Hillary Hintzen is the Program Assistant in Screenwriting.

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