Writers’ Program student Cecile Callan won an Honorable Mention in the Fish Publishing Poetry Competition for her poem, “Mama Kettle.” The poem will be included in the 2011 Fish Anthology, and Cecile will travel to Ireland this summer for the book launch in Bantry. Cecile wrote “Mama Kettle” in WP instructor Laurel Ann Bogen‘s Intermediate Poetry Workshop.

“Every writing teacher has different strengths, but the three who have taught me the most (other than Laurel Ann Bogen, whose big heart, insight and humor opened my eyes to poetry and to richer prose, too) are Linda Raymond for her inspiring soulfulness, Lynn Hightower for her amazing sense of structure, and Les Plesko, whose ability to simplify and focus emboldens me to keep forging ahead. The UCLA Extension Writers’ Program has provided me with exciting writing challenges, a weekly due date, inspiring teachers, and passionate fellow students with whom I shared my journey. It’s been a blast.”

Congratulations, Cecile! And have a blast in Ireland.

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