Writers’ Program student Sarah Morgan’s nonfiction essay “Kingfisher” was published in Bluestem magazine’s online quarterly. Sarah, who publishes under the name SC Morgan, is a freelance writer who lives and works in Costa Rica. Her essays have appeared in Notre Dame Magazine and Real Travel Adventures, among others. She blogs at scmorgan.com.

“Kingfisher,” set in Central Oregon, tells of the kingfisher bird’s significance in the story of the narrator’s life. Sarah started on “Kingfisher” in an online creative nonfiction course at the Writers’ Program with Gordon Grice.

“Gordon taught me that sometimes a reader sees a meaning in our work we don’t know about, but which immediately strikes us as true,” Sarah explains. “I loved Gordon’s class and created several essays with good skeletal structure; ‘Kingfisher’ was one of those. It stemmed from a kingfisher sighting on a morning walk and reflection on an experience from my youth. From these bones (and many rewrites), came the essay as it appears today in Bluestem.”

Congrats, Sarah! We wish you many more publishing successes.

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