The Writers’ Program has undergone a number of staffing changes recently, so if you call your trusty advisor and someone new answers, do not be alarmed. We are fully staffed, but with some new faces!

If you ever call the Writers’ Program front desk (i.e. the “main line”), you’ll talk to the lovely Carla Janas, our new Assistant to the Director. A native of Chicago, Carla worked for several years in social service organizations while performing improv on the side. Most recently, she has been a stay home mom and (surprise!) writer, working on her first novel and taking Writers’ Program classes. In her new position, she’ll help advise students, assist our Director, and work at Writers’ Program events.

You may also notice that if you are taking an onsite creative writing course, a familiar (though unexpected) voice will answer the phone when you call. Sara Bond, who is taking Design Communication Arts classes, has moved into the position of onsite creative writing advisor/web guru. As some of you already know, Sara (our former online creative writing advisor) majored in Creative Writing at Mills College, and enjoys writing in a variety of mediums, including graphic novels, television scripts, and–most recently–travel guides for Los Angeles and Tokyo. Renaissance woman that she is, Sara is now learning Photoshop and typeface, and is already rocking her new role. She’ll be just as happy to help you find the right course as she is designing new fonts.

And what of the vacant seat over here in the online creative writing and events unit? After three lonely days of tumbleweeds and crickets, our newest (by a few days) staff member, Alicia Wheeler, arrived. A recent transplant from Seattle, Alicia studied creative writing at the University of Washington and placed in state bowling championships. She also loves reading and writing poetry and pet rabbits. Alicia is already happily advising students and coordinating events, and is ready to help find the right course for you.

So there you have it: the new fall Writers’ Program lineup! Here’s where you can find us:

Call: 310-825-9415



Tweet: Writers’ Program on Twitter

Katy Flaherty is the Program Representative for Creative Writing (Online) and Events. 

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