WP student H. Lee Kagan’s personal essay, “E.R.:Port-au-Prince,” was published in New York Times Magazine this month.

“E.R.: Port-au-Prince” is about Lee’s experience caring for a rape victim while he was a volunteer physician in Haiti last year. Dissatisfied with the way the rape patient was handled by the local Haitian nurse, and disappointed by his own failure to intervene, he commiserates with a volunteer nurse who is also having a difficult day in the “trenches” of the E.R.

Lee took creative nonfiction courses online with Wp’ instructor Shawna Kenney. Lee says, “Shawna was unstintingly supportive, spot on and constructive in her comments, and exceptionally kind. We remain friends to this day. Being in a course (this was the first and only writing class I’ve ever taken) forced me to meet deadlines, something I need, and the feedback from fellow students helped me to identify problems areas in whatever I was working on.”

Congratulations, Lee!

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