Recent graduates of the Wp’ certificate program, David Elliott and Lynn Casella, attended a ThrillerFest AgentFest in New York City last year, and pitched their completed fiction manuscripts to some of the more than 65 agents present. Both received several requests for pages, and Lynn is currently sending out anywhere from 10 to 100 pages requested by nine agents.

David says, “Though I haven’t found an agent yet, I feel that the certificate program provided me with the confidence in my work to weather the storm of rejection that is the foundation of any successful writer’s career.”

Lynn says, “The first step to get published is to find an agent. So, to meet them face to face at ThrillerFest AgentFest was a thrill and very productive. I had an idea for a story that had simmered inside me for more than twenty years. Through the Writers’ Program my idea came to life.”

Both David and Lynn are students of Wp’ instructor Lynn Hightower. Congrats, David and Lynn!

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