Wp’ student Tanya Jacob has had not one, not two, but five stories accepted by publishers!

“That Longcase Clock at the End of the Hall,” a surreal coming of age story, will be published in The Raleigh Review. “Yarn Hair,” a horror/comedy about a woman with a strange gift, will appear on the website for Primal Urge Magazine, and is in the print edition this spring. “Broad Beach,” a short-short about Malibu, was recently accepted by 5X5. “Strangers,” a stream-of-consciousness piece about femininity, was accepted by Red Ochre Press. And rounding it out, “Pony Harris,” about a group of young friends in Los Angeles, was accepted by Chuffed Buff Books for their You, Me, and a bit of We anthology.

Tanya says, “My experiences at the Writers’ Program have taken writing from a dream to a hobby. Judith Prager, Harry Youtt, Michael Buckley, and Kim Krizan have all taught me so much about the creative process and the professional world. I look forward to continuing with more classes, and am incredibly grateful to finally have writing as a real part of my life.”

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