You may have noticed a few changes here at the Writers’ Program—staffing changes that is! Some of our veterans have moved away or shifted to different positions, and we’ve also welcomed two new members, Sarah Lim and Brandon Covey. Now that we’re once again fully staffed, we figured it’s a good time to remind you of who we are and what we do here, plus tell you a little something about what we do for fun.

Katy Flaherty, Program Representative in Creative Writing (Onsite): Budding yogi, foodie, and amateur dodge-baller. Katy bikes to work, loves cute furry animals, and enjoys travelling around Southern California and the world.

Sarah Lim, Program Assistant in Creative Writing (Onsite): Major foodie, avid lotion lover, and adventure seeker. Sarah is a very early riser; she’s been known to read several chapters of a book before 8am.

Alicia Wheeler, Program Representative in Creative Writing (Online) and Events: Lover of wheel throwing, hot cocoa, stickie notes, and documentaries. Alicia reads and writes poetry, and enjoys taking all kinds of courses at UCLA Extension. This quarter she’s tackling Photography.

Brandon Covey: Program Assistant in Creative Writing (Online) and Events: Part-time writer and filmmaker—lover of smoky old pool rooms, clear mountain mornings, and puppies. Brandon is adventurous—he knows how to fly a plane and once walked all the way from Mexico to Canada!

Chae Ko, Program Representative in Screenwriting: Miyazaki buff, screenwriter, and our resident expert on all things Korean. Chae’s desk is covered in pictures of Panda bears, and he makes a mighty delicious curry dish.

Jeff Bonnett, Program Assistant in Screenwriting: Movie lover, screenwriter, and connoisseur of Trader Joe’s salads. Jeff usually buys two coffees a day from Starbucks (he’s a gold member there!), but this year he’s resolved to cut back to only one.

Carla Janas, Assistant to the Director: Zealous fan of old Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel episodes, and books by Alison Weir. A nook addict, vegetarian wannabe, and hula-hooping enthusiast, Carla has a son who keeps her busy hunting down new ninja turtle toys.

Cindy Lieberman, Program Manager: Devotee of books, movies, theatre, and rescuing Weimeraners. She spends way too much time playing Words with Friends and firmly believes that there’s no such thing as too much chocolate.

And…drum roll please…for the heart and soul of the Writers’ Program, our Director…

Linda Venis: Lifelong lover of LA cultural life, theater, and dance. She’s a card-carrying member of 4 museums, and although an innate non-fan of tofu, she’s been dabbling in finding palatable tofu dishes. She’s a fabulous cook of massively diverse cuisines.

So that’s us; our newly reorganized, always fun, and very supportive family. We’re here for you if you need anything, and if you’re confused about who does what, just give us a call at (310) 825-9415 and we’ll patch you through to the right person.

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