Longtime Writers’ Program instructor Amy Friedman has co-authored Anne Willan’s One Soufflé at a Time, a story of one of the food-world greats and author of more than 30 cookbooks. Like her friends Julia Child, James Beard, and others, Anne changed how the world eats and made cooking fun. In this memoir (with 50 recipes), she writes about how a girl from Yorkshire wound up running the kitchen at the Palace Versailles, writing the food column at The Washington Star, and ultimately overcame the closed male world of French cuisine to found and run La Varenne cooking school.

Itching to write your own life story? Amy will be teaching Writing Memoir and Personal Essay in February, and has this to say about her Writers’ Program students: “I’ve taught classes in universities and colleges and workshops throughout Canada and the U.S., but nowhere are the students I’ve worked with more brilliant and engaged, challenging and inspiring than those I’ve had the honor of working with through the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program.”

Congratulations, Amy!

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