If you make New Year’s resolutions you probably know the feeling: the holiday parties have come and gone and the time to make your goals a reality has begun. It’s what I like to call the mid-January drag. It’s during this critical period, when habits are still solidifying and our new routines are shaky, that inspiration is essential.

Oh sure, it’s easy to say “this is the year I’m finally going to write my novel!” or “I will finish Act I of my screenplay by summer,” but now is the time for follow through. And what better way to set aside time for you and your writing than the 2014 Writers Studio.

Held over the course of four days in Westwood (adjacent to the UCLA campus), the Studio provides the time, space, and motivation to make your writing goals a reality. For four days you write, workshop, learn, network, forge new friendships, write, and then write some more (and did we mention that coffee is included?). As 2013 participant Christine Tagawa put it, “The Writer’s Studio is INTENSE. You want to get it all done within the 4-day timeframe– learn, draft, edit, polish, and finish a piece. That is the hope, but the reality is that all the work you do in class is preparation for the work that comes after you leave the class. Imagine that the 4-days are spent packing a slingshot, the tension is pulled tight, and then at the end of the class you and your project are shot out into the world fully loaded with new ideas, skills and the forward momentum to carry you through many, many months ahead.”

For online students, the Studio is a great opportunity to benefit from the kinetic energy that can be lost in the online classroom. “I’ve taken online writing courses through UCLA Extension Writers’ Program in the past and they were wonderful. I took the writer’s workshop because I wanted to grow and to get feedback in person,” explains 2013 student Kim Kavanagh. “This was just such an amazing experience for me. I’m still feeling good about it, inspired, and writing every day.”

Many Studio courses are still available, but spots are filling up quickly. Our advisors are here Monday through Friday to help find the perfect class for you. Give us a call at 310-825-9415 to reserve your spot today!


Courage and Craft: A Writing Workshop to Jumpstart Your Creativity with Barbara Abercrombie

Writing the First Novel with Eduardo Santiago

Writing the Young Adult Novel with Francesca Lia Block

Novel Revision Techniques with Mark Sarvas

Writing Memoir and Personal Essay with Amy Friedman

Memoir Writing: Works-in-Progress with Samantha Dunn


An Organic Introduction to Screenwriting with Kim Krizan

Creating Powerful Scenes and Sequences with Corey Mandell

Push Though and Pitch: Finishing Your Screenplay and Selling It with Michael Weiss

Creating the Television Pilot with Phil Kellard

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