Two Words: Social media. For writers, and for pretty much anyone in any profession, social media can be a nothing more than a distraction and a curse. Who among us hasn’t sworn off all social media as a useless time-suck, only to find it making its evil way back into our lives in one way or another? But I’m here to tell you that not all social media is evil. In fact, some of it can be quite useful. Being a friend or follower of the Writers’ Program, for example, allows you to remain connected to a community of people who are as passionate about writing as you are and offers you a daily dose of inspiration to help release the writer within. Here’s how:

Writers’ Program’s Facebook Page:

There’s no better way to stay connected to a community of writers than to like us on Facebook. We will shower you with daily posts of encouragement and inspiration in the form of photos, quotes, or updates that will leave you with hope and reassurance that you’re on the right track. Like us on Facebook and we will remind you of this truth: whether you’re going through the writing trenches of frustration, facing writer’s block, or questioning whether you’re good enough, you are definitely not alone.

Writers’ Program’s Twitter Page:

Most of us are challenged daily to find any “me” time, but it’s definitely worth your while to check out our Twitter page to get the latest info on new courses and upcoming deadlines, to learn about our competitions and scholarships, and to hear about free, fun writing events and readings by Writers’ Program instructors. It’s the easiest way to stay connected to relevant and useful writer-related news that can help you reach your personal writing goals.

Writers’ Program’s Pinterest Page:

After a great writing session, the last thing any of us want to do is engage in something that requires vigorous thinking. With Pinterest, you can relax your mind and recoup while still channeling the writer within. Scroll through endless images of Writers’ Program instructors and the books and movies they’ve written, laugh at cartoons that manage to articulate writers’ thoughts perfectly, watch videos of instructors’ sharing their favorite writing tips, get ideas for the perfect gift to give your writing buddy, and get encouragement from famous writers whose sound bites will inspire you to succeed. You’ll come away feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the blank page once again.

– Writers’ Program’s YouTube Page:

Yes, we do have a YouTube page filled with Writers’ Program instructors in action. Watch helpful clips of your favorite instructors offering words of writing-wisdom or see them reading from their recently published work at our annual Publication Party.

Writers’ Programs’ Website:

Our website is your go-to guide for all things Wp’. For a comprehensive run-through of our entire program, add us to your bookmark bar and you’re only a click away! You’ll have access to bios, photos, and teaching philosophies from each of our 200 instructors, along with ways to get to know your personal Wp’ advisors. Our weekly success stories featuring our students and instructors are bullet-proof ways to motivate you to pick up your pen and notepad (or laptop) and write away. How awesome is that? Find out more about our program and services (manuscript consultations, mentorships, online learning, scholarship, events, and more).

Whether you are a returning, current, or prospective student, we want you to join our social media writing community! Of course, we’re happy to talk to you by phone or email as well. We’re here Monday – Friday, from 9 – 5. Contact us at (310) 825-9415 or

Phoebe Lim is the Program Assistant for Creative Writing (Online) and Events. Contact her at 310-825-0107 or

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