As Writers’ Program advisors, we frequently hear from students who have worked hard for years and want to go from “aspiring writer” to “professional writer.” While we have several options available for students with a completed project (advanced classes, manuscript consultations, mentorships), our Master Classes are special. Special how, you ask? Read on for five amazing ways the Master Class can be a game changer for your writing career.

1. Intense personalized instructor feedback.

Over the course of 6 or 9 months, your instructor will get to know your writing on a deep level. Feedback is specific and is given in the context of your full project, not just an individual chapter or scene.

2. An intimate group of dedicated and supportive writers/classmates.

Master Classes are limited to 8 students with completed projects. Over the course of many months, you will get to know other’s work inside out and provide nuanced feedback. Expect approximately a metric ton of camaraderie over 6-9 months.

3. Guaranteed/free entry into the James Kirkwood Literary Awards competition, UCLA Extension Feature Film Writing Competition, or UCLA Extension Television Pilot Writing Competition.

Speaking of career game changers, our annual Kirkwood Awards and Feature Film and TV Pilot Competitions have launched many careers over the years. Winners have gone on to publish, gain acceptance into top MFA programs, land representation, and have their work included on the highly-selective Blacklist.

4. Discounted candidacy fee for certificate programs.

If you decide to enroll in one of our certificate programs you’ll pay a discounted fee, and in addition, the Master Class counts for 6 (Television Pilot Writing) or 9 (Novel Writing, Feature Film Writing) core certificate units.

5. At the end of the experience a sample of your work is read by a professional agent.

Yes, you heard correctly, A PROFESSIONAL AGENT. The type you’ve been trying to snag for years.

Acceptance into any Master Class is by submission only. Typically, applicants will already have taken several Writers’ Program classes, including advanced courses, before they apply for the Master Class, but this is not necessary in all cases if your work is at a high level. You must, however, have a first draft of a novel, feature film script, or television pilot or spec script of an existing series in order to apply. Submission materials and application fees must be received by 4pm (PST), August 29, 2014.

Interest piqued? Mosey over to our Master Class in Novel Writing (Online/Low-Residency, 9 Months), Feature Film Writing (9 Months), and Television Pilot Writing (6 Months) pages for detailed information about applying.

To speak with an advisor and learn more about our Master Classes, please call the Writers’ Program at 310-825-9415.

Katy Flaherty is the Program Representative for Creative Writing (Onsite). 

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