Years before I took a writing class and began working at the Writers’ Program, I was a blogger. In the early days, I blogged whatever I thought was funny (like the time I read so many trashy magazines I started talking like I was best friends with celebrity couples and my husband had to intervene and talk me back to reality). And I blogged about my beloved cats (whose names were goofy enough but I fondly referred to them as Fatty and Creepy). And then once I had a child I only blogged about The Most Amazing Boy to Ever Live. Blogging was a helpful tool in getting to know my inner voice, keeping in touch with those in my life who support me as a writer, honing in on what folks found funny and what didn’t translate well, and, above all, entertaining my friends, family and the few random folks living overseas who somehow found my site.

I loved it!

And then, well, life happened. Life stepped in, got a little stickier than ever before and between juggling my full time job, my full time ailing/aging cats, my full time son and the full time “sticky”, I quit blogging.

I miss it!

Life has gotten less sticky, the cats are gone (RIP Fatty and Creepy!) and my son is older and doesn’t need me as much. I’ve been thinking of blogging again for all those reasons above as well as to give my computer a break from online shopping (it’s…a lot). Honestly, I’m not sure where to start now so recently I looked to our very own Writers’ Program instructors for inspiration. Who better to emulate than professional writers?

I’m a big fan of lists so here is Carla’s List of Favorite Blogs by Writers’ Program Instructors in alphabetical order.

Carla’s List of Favorite Blogs by Writers’ Program Instructors:

No list would be complete without longtime Writers’ Program instructor Barbara Abercrombie. Barbara recently moved her blog to her main website and you can find it under the “Writing Time” link on Barbara shares her own experiences, a vast array of writing exercises, recommended readings, countless entries on writing memoirs and getting started as a writer.

Erik Bork was listed as one of the “Top 10 Most Influential Screenwriting Bloggers” by former MGM executive and author of Good in a Room, Stephanie Palmer. You’ll find everything from interviews of other screenwriters to creating unlikable characters and tons in between. Check him out at

Are you a movie buff? If so, check out screenwriter Beverly Gray’s impressive blog, Beverly in Movieland, at Beverly loves movies and her love, enthusiasm and vast knowledge of Hollywood history shows.

Do you like Romantic Comedies? I do and so does long time Writers’ Program instructor Billy Mernit. Billy’s blog, Living the Romantic Comedy– –is, in his words, “The delights and torments of romance (funny or not) as portrayed in the movies and experienced in so-called real life, foibles of the writing craft, and other topics apropos.”

I’m loving creative writing instructor Jenny Nash’s site: It’s full of recent entries that any writer can find relevant and useful. Whether it’s an author she’s interviewed or a piece on her own fears of technology, you’ll find something enjoyable.

Need a new writing prompt exercise to get the creative juices flowing? Then head to Colette Sartor’s site at Colette also has an entry on submitting to literary magazines as well as one that highlights independent bookstores in L.A.

Last, but in no way least, Pat Verducci’s screenwriting blog is a must see. The entry titled, “Are You Any Good?” definitely resonates within. Read that and other inspiring/challenging entries at Your inner writer will thank you profusely.

What I love about them all is that regardless of your writing preferences—screenwriting or creative writing—you can find something pertinent to your own writing style and thoroughly entertaining to read. And this is just a sampling of the Writers’ Program instructors who maintain blogs—there are plenty more. Check out our instructor pages to see who else blogs!

Carla Janas is the Assistant to the Director. Contact her directly at or 310-267-4888.

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