The key to being a writer is, “Write. Rewrite. Then write some more.” Of course, we all know that’s easier said than done, which is why we offer our annual Writers Studio, 4-days of intensive writing, amazing guest speakers, a collaborative community of passionate writers, and top-notch instructors! Every year, Writers’ Program students are transformed by the experience and surprised at how much they are able to advance their projects in just 4 days.

With ten courses to choose from, it can be challenging to decide which Studio course is right for you. That’s why I created this handy dandy Which Writer Are You? quiz.

  1. Are you are a “green” writer who is eager to start, but is confused about how? Do you want a class that is inspirational and motivational and that will allow your creative juices to flow? Do you want a class that will equip you with essential storytelling elements so that you are ready to finish what you start?

If you answered yes to the questions above, consider taking The Joy of Writing: A Workshop in Craft and Creativity with Steven Wolfson. Here’s what former students have said about Steven:

“Mr. Wolfson is unfailingly well-prepared. His energy and enthusiasm are infectious. I’m very impressed with his knowledge of his field.”

“Steven is an amazing instructor. His lectures were informative and interesting. His feedback was extremely helpful. My writing has improved enormously because of him.”

  1. Do you already have a story idea floating in your head that you haven’t been able to flush out? Do you want a class that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the outlining process so you have a roadmap for how to proceed? Do you feel like you have a general idea of storytelling, but could use a boost of confidence when it comes to your writing skills?

If #2 resonated with you, check out Writing the First Novel with Reyna Grande. These students are glad they did!

“Reyna is an excellent teacher – one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of learning from. I’ve had seven classes, all with different teachers, and I’ve signed up to take Reyna’s next class. That’s a first!”

“I was amazed at how much she could remember about each of our stories and the way she was able to tie our work into her teaching as she explained technique, voice, description, etc.”

  1. Are you long on ideas but short on time? Do you like the challenge of telling your story in as few words as possible? Do you want an instructor who will encourage and support you? Who will help you to stop procrastinating and to start putting words on the page?

#3 sound like you? Then you’ll want to sign up for Accessing Your Stories in a Flash: A Short Fiction Writing Workshop with Colette Sartor.

“Colette is fabulous and I would take classes from her forever if I could. She maintains a respectful, encouraging workshop that still manages to effectively critique the work, along with readings for context and craft talks that are so helpful for a developing writer.”

“Colette’s candor, encouragement, and guidance are invaluable. She treats even the hastiest and least-promising drafts and in-class exercises as worth her time. In doing so, she buoys writers with the courage to ‘keep going, even if it sucks.’ Her instruction has had such practical impact on my work.”

If these three courses aren’t the perfect fit, don’t despair as there are still some seats available in other Writers Studio courses. Call an advisor today for help in choosing the right course for you.

Screenwriting advisor: Jeff Bonnett; (310-206-1542)

Creative Writing advisor: Sarah Lim; (310-825-9416)

Available Creative Writing Workshops
Francesca Lia Block, Writing the Young Adult Novel
Steven Wolfson, The Joy of Writing: A Workshop in Craft and Creativity
Reyna Grande, Writing the First Novel
Colette Sartor, Accessing Your Stories in a Flash: A Short Fiction Writing Workshop

Available Screenwriting Workshops
Ricky Manning, Creating the 1-Hour TV Pilot and Series
Nancy Nigrosh, How to Have a Writing Career in Film and Television
Michael Weiss, Writing Your First Feature Film

SOLD OUT Workshops
Amy Friedman, Writing the Personal Essay
Corey Mandell, Creating Powerful Scenes and Sequences for the Movies
Jennie Nash, Writing the Memoir

Our Students Say it Best!

Phoebe Lim is the Program Assistant for Creative Writing (Online) and Events. Contact her at 310-825-0107 or

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