Spring quarter is here, folks! Birds are chirping, bunnies are hopping, and a plethora of amazing writing classes are waiting for you. But what to do with a catalog full of titillating offerings when you have to choose just one? Luckily your friendly neighborhood Writers’ Program advisor is here to help. Read on for some unexpected highlights from our spring offerings. One of these might be just what you need to stoke your creative fire, finish a project, or begin your professional writing career.

Short-Shorts: Writing Flash Fiction with Marisa Matarazzo

In this course, open to all levels, you’ll learn to tell complete stories in 1200 words or less. Through writing exercises and by analyzing and discussing published short-shorts, you’ll play with the challenge of reduction to tell complete stories in only a page or two.

Writing Fantasy (Online) with Paul Witcover

A great option for those stuck in a creative rut, this course exposes students to fantastic literature’s vast possibilities. In addition to learning basic craft elements like POV, character, and plot, you also learn to build worlds and universes, a skill that will serve you well regardless of your genre of choice.

E-Books Pro and Con: Being Smart About Publishing in the Digital Age with Linda Marsa

The publishing world has never been more exciting—or terrifying. With so many options—self publishing, traditional publishing, e-books—it can be hard to know which path is right for you. But never fear, because Linda Marsa—contributing editor for Discover and author of Fevered: Why a Hotter Planet Will Hurt Our Health–And How We Can Save Ourselves—is here to lead the way and help you decide which publishing path is best for you and your work.

MFA Preparation (Online) with Wendy Oleson

Curious about MFA programs, but not sure where to begin? This course will demystify the process for you, with guest speakers from top programs and current and former students from both full- and low-residency programs. You’ll also hone your creative writing in bi-weekly workshops and one-on-one rewrites.

How to Create a Hit Web Series with Melinda Hill

Tired of waiting on someone to give you a break? In this 8-week course, writer and comedian Melinda Hill will teach you how to make your own. Learn to create content that makes you shine, write your own Web series, and learn how to put together a pitch, budget, marketing plan, and more.

Selling Yourself and Your Work with Deborah Dean Davis

In this two-day workshop, Deborah Dean Davis will teach you how to live happily as a screenwriter, avoid the profession’s pitfalls, and project a winning picture of yourself in selling situations through effective self-marketing tools, a concrete set of career goals, and experience selling yourself as well as your work.

If none of these courses seem right for you, no need to panic. We have other openings for spring, and our advisors are standing by, ready to help you find the best match for you and your work. Call us at 310-825-9415 or email writers@uclaextension.edu. Spring quarter begins Monday, March 30, so call now!

Katy Flaherty is the Program Representative for Creative Writing (Onsite). Write to her at kflaherty@uclaextension.edu.

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