As you know, winning a screenwriting competition is considered one of the best ways to break into Hollywood, and some of the biggest film and TV writing competition deadlines are fast approaching (Script Pipeline, May 15; Austin Film Festival, May 20th; NBC Writers on the Verge, May 30; Launch Pad, May 31; Slamdance, July 21; Beverly Hills, July 31; American Zoetrope, August 1). If you’re familiar with competitions, you also know that your script will be one of thousands of entries competing for the top prize. So how can you increase the odds that your script will rise through the ranks of script readers and make its way to the top?

By signing up for the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program’s screenplay consultation service!

The Writers’ Program’s screenplay consultation service is available year round to aspiring writers who want to get a professional writer’s unbiased opinion of their script.

If you have a feature film, TV spec, TV pilot, or treatment in need of review, you’ll choose one from more than 75 instructors (depending upon availability), all of whom are working writers with professional credits. Or, if you prefer, a Writers’ Program advisor will choose an instructor for you, based on your project and your genre. Your script will be read from cover-to-cover and you’ll receive a detailed written analysis, followed by an in-person meeting, phone call, or web chat. You’ll learn about your script’s strengths and weaknesses, plus get invaluable recommendations for whipping your script into fighting shape.

Writers’ Program student Kristen Vincent signed up for a script consultation with Steve Mazur and was so glad she did. “The whole experience was professional from start to finish. Steve read my script within a week and provided detailed page notes. During our phone consultation, he answered my questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. Incorporating Steve’s notes has greatly improved the quality of my project, and helped bring the script to its successful completion, which, in turn, has allowed me to rally the interest of producers and agents.”

For further information and pricing, visit: To arrange a consultation, simply send an email containing the following information to

Project Format (Screenplay, TV Spec/Pilot, Fiction Manuscript, etc.)

  • Project Title
  • Genre
  • Logline
  • Desired Start Date
  • Requested Instructor(s) – In Order of Preference
  • Your Name, Email Address & Phone Number

For a comprehensive list of Writers’ Program screenwriting instructors, visit:

If you write short or long fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry, there’s a consultation service available for you too. A consultation in creative writing is ideal for writers who want comprehensive written and verbal feedback on their project and/or want to ensure their work is up to industry standards before seeking representation, publication, or entry into literary competitions, fellowships, and/or MFA programs.

Email or call (310) 825-9415 between 9 and 5 with questions about consultations or about any of the Writers’ Program’s many other programs and services.

Jeff Bonnett is the advisor for Screenwriting (Onsite & Online). Contact him at or (310) 206-1542.

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