While everyone else is packing their flip-flops and sunglasses and flying off to the most exotic vacation spot this summer, you are packing your writing gear and heading down to the nearest coffee shop. And while they all sip cool drinks and dive into the pool, you order a gallon of coffee and dive into your manuscript. It sounds like a crazy way to spend your summer, but you don’t care. Writing is your passion and you are more than happy to let your stories take you on an adventure.

But you don’t have to be alone. There is a whole tribe of people out there who love writing just as much as you do. And you can work on your writing goals together in one of the many courses we offer—either in person or online.

Those who are just getting started on their fiction writing journey can take The Essential Beginnings of Fiction Writing with Nancy Spiller. This course will teach you writing techniques to transform your personal experience into imaginative prose. Introduction to Short Fiction Writing with Adam Prince will teach you how to apply the basic elements of plot, point-of-view, setting, characterization and much more in order to create a shorter work of fiction.

If nonfiction writing is more your scene, Marianne Villanueva’s The Essential Beginnings of Nonfiction Writing (Online) will help you turn your personal experiences into compelling narratives. Writing the Personal Essay with Victoria Zackheim will teach you how to be a compelling first-person narrator. Finally, Alison Singh Gee’s new course, Writing Life Stories Inspired by Travel, will help you capture memorable travel moments and adventures on paper.

For folks who want to learn how to write a screenplay, we offer Writing the First Screenplay I (Online) with Michael Janover. This course will ground you in the key elements of story-telling and teach you the basics of scene construction. And for those who wish to learn more about comedy-writing for both feature film and TV, Lisa Medway’s Lights! Camera! Comedy! course is the perfect solution.

Whatever your writing passion is, we have a course for you. Just ask our advisors! Call us at 310-825-9415, or email us at writers@uclaextension.edu.

Nutschell Windsor is the Program Representative for Creative Writing (online) and Events. Contact her at (310) 794-1846 or nwindsor@uclaextension.edu.

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