The spring 2016 quarter enrollment time is here, folks! If you haven’t had a chance to peruse your options, check out the catalog. If you need guidance from an advisor, call us at 310-825-9415. And if need to spice up your course load with new offerings then check out my list below! We like to offer fresh, new options routinely and this spring we have plenty to choose from! Read below to find out what you’ll accomplish in each course and how you’ll make it happen. Or click on the links to read the complete course description and/or enroll!


True Fiction: Writing Stories Inspired by Our Lives with Steven Wolfson
For beginner and non-beginner alike, you study important elements such as turning-point stories, the complexities of character emotions, and the quest for organic conflict, all through a series of in-class writing exercises. The goal of the workshop, whether you’re writing drama or comedy, is to find a deeper authenticity in your writing while completing several new works of short fiction.

True Stories: Shaping Life into Art with Ryan McIlvain
This creative nonfiction class, perfect for writers of all levels, focuses on craft. You’ll take avid notes on the shaped true stories of masters like Saul Bellow, Joan Didion, Annie Dillard, Francine Prose, David Sedaris, Virginia Woolf, and Montaigne—a potent mix of old and new to inspire and instruct you!

Take the Stage: A Workshop for Film and TV Writers Looking for an Edge with Laurel Ollstein
In this course, you learn tools to deepen your characters, expand on new plot ideas, and most importantly, find your own unique voice as a writer. You first explore the fundamentals of play construction and writing techniques, writing frequently to master the art and craft of playwriting, culminating in a one-act play or one act of a play. You then learn to apply your new-found skills to your own film or TV script, and have the best ten pages ready to be performed by actors in the final class.

The Art of the Tell: Crafting Stories for a Paperless Performance with Lisa Medway
This six-week course takes our primal need to tell our stories and celebrates the simplicity of the form and guides you to craft a compelling 1,500-word story based on a real event. The final class session is a salon, where you tell your stories to an invited audience of friends and family and experience the thrill of telling your tale, without reading it, live and in-person. You don’t need to be an actor; you need to tell a great story in a dynamic way.

Writing the Popular Novel with Lindsay Maracotta
This course guides you in the elements of writing a vivid commercial novel: from developing both an opening that grabs the reader and a compelling voice, through the essentials of devising characters that really pop, crafting effective dialogue, and forming a well-structured plot with unexpected, yet believable, twists. The goal is to write the beginnings of a novel that could have a viable niche in the current publishing market.

So there you have it—new courses in spring! Still unsure of what to take? Fear not, we have nearly 100 other courses this quarter to feed your creative appetite! Give us a call at 310-825-9415 or email at and we’ll help you find the right course just for you!

Carla Janas is the Assistant to the Director. Contact her directly at or 310-267-4888.

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