Interested in taking an onsite creative writing course? Then chances are you’ll call the Writers’ Program office one day in the not so distant future and be routed to Carla Janas, our new program rep and advisor for onsite courses in fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and writing for the youth market. Carla has worked at the Writers’ Program as an administrative assistant for the past five years and is a writer herself, which makes her an invaluable resource for those of you who need help deciding which one of our 100 annual creative writing courses is your best bet.

Carla is a native of Chicago but is happy to be in LA where she spends her free time at the beach, when she’s not at home shooing her new kitten Fuzzball out of empty saucepans on her stovetop. Carla is obsessed with Hall and Oates and their song “Rich Girl,” which she hums to herself on a daily basis. She once attended a wedding where Tina Fey was a guest.

Contact Carla at:
(310) 267-4888

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