Congratulations are in order for all our 2018 Screenwriting Competition Winners. Last week, Deadline published the below ad announcing the winners (and you may have seen some digital ads on their site). Stay tuned for interviews with the winners. Also, the 2019 Screenplay Competition is now accepting applications!

2018 Feature Film Writing Winners
1st Place: Yisong Chen and Jeremy Ball, Fortune Springs (Suspense Thriller)
2nd Place: Sophie de Rakoff, Heart of Glass (Coming-of-Age Drama)
3rd Place: Elise Wanger Zell, Zoe+Ari (Family Dramedy)

2018 Television Pilot Writing Winners
1st Place: Lisa Kors, Princes’ Hospital (One-Hour)
2nd Place: Alia Little, Inconspicuous (One-Hour)
3rd Place: Jelena Woehr, The Crafty Women’s Wednesday Morning Murder Club (One-Hour)

2018 Television Spec Writing Winners
1st Place: Riccardo Angelini, Ash Vs Evil Dead: “Live After Death” (Half-Hour)
2nd Place: Lynda Brendish, The Handmaid’s Tale: “Bounty” (One-Hour)
3rd Place: Jonathan Redding, Designated Survivor: “Trauma” (One-Hour)

A massive thanks to our Writers Program instructors and mentors: Chrysanthy Balis, Cindy Davis, Cynthia Hsiung, Zac Hug, Phil Kellard, and Steve Mazur. And thanks to the Industry, Feature Film, and Television Judges!

Also, we would like to congratulate our semi-finalists!  To see a list of their names and script titles click here.

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