It’s hard to believe we’re more than a week into February. Winter classes are well underway. The Writers Studio is coming soon. And for anyone who’s been hemming and/or hawing about how to get started on their writing goals for 2020, registration for Spring is now open and we’ve got a wide range of brand new courses to help you get going on your brand new goals (we promise we won’t tell anyone you didn’t start in on those goals on January 1st)!

The Joy of Writing: A Two Saturday Workshop in Creativity with Steven Wolfson
While the goal of finishing projects is one all writers have, sometimes it’s necessary to take a pause and remember why you like writing, why you feel driven to write. Generative craft exercises and rediscovery of your joy for writing can also inspire new ideas!
Reg# 373012 – Classroom (Westwood) – Saturday, 9am-5pm, May 16 & 30

Women’s Writing Workshop with Robin Finn
Knowing how to write compelling characters is an essential part of developing the writing craft. This workshop will focus on the voices and stories of females, with all levels and types accepted into the class to learn more about writing women.
Reg# 373015 – Classroom (UCLA)

Gay Men’s Writing Workshop: A Literary Approach to Writing About Gay Life with Trebor Healey
See above, re: compelling characters. This course follows a similar track for writing about the experiences and voices of gay men in both fiction and nonfiction.
Reg# 372900 – Online

When Research Ends and Writing Begins with Alyx Dellamonica
Research is an essential aspect of good writing, but sometimes we fill so much of our brain with research, we’re left without the energy to write. This course will help you marry what you know, or can research, with actually getting words on paper for your project.
Reg# 373035 – Online

The Writers’ Banquet: A One-Day Workshop Exploring Food and Memory with Nancy Spiller
Food can conjure powerful memories and sense recall, and using it to inspire writing is a great exercise for all levels of writers across all mediums. Join us for a day of food centric readings, exercises, and discussions to give you more tools to add to your writing arsenal.
Reg# 373043 – Classroom (UCLA) – Saturday, Apr. 18

Diversity Plus with Henry Lien
Diversity in writing is fast becoming an essential component, as well as a hotly debated topic. While a few days is not enough to cover all topics, this course will examine some storytelling methods and structures outside the commonly used ones (in Western/Eastern cultures). This brief intro can help lead writers down a path of telling the stories they want in a format that works both for their story and style, and serves to accurately represent and honor the culture its format originates from.
Reg# 373067 – Classroom (Westwood) – Saturday & Sunday, May 16 & 17; May 30 & 31

Poetry and Performance: A Two Day Workshop with Laurel Ann Bogen
This two-day workshops is designed to help poets break out of their performative comfort zones (even if your comfort zone is only reading your poems, in your head, to yourself) and become more adept at performing your work for an audience.
Reg# 373176 – Classroom (Westwood) – Saturday, Sunday, 9am-5pm, June 6-7

Self-Publishing with Angela Bole
Self-publishing has blossomed in the last decade, becoming a competitive force in publishing. However, navigating the ins and outs of self-publication, especially when it comes to the ‘now what’ once a book is self-published can be tricky, cumbersome, confusing, and downright aggravating. This course seeks to help alleviate some of those issues by giving an overview from field professionals on best practices for self-published book production, marketing, sales, and distribution.
Reg# 373030 – Classroom (Westwood)

Inclusive Screenwriting with Julia Camara
As in publishing, diversity and representation in screenwriting is increasing in focus. This course will touch on what it means to create with inclusivity, how to craft and research diverse characters, and how to navigate the business side of presenting works that fall out of the historical tropes and assumptions of many industry stakeholders.
Reg# 372830 – Classroom (UCLA)

Originals, Remakes, and Rip-Offs with Brooks Wachtel
This course focuses on what does and does not work when adapting previously crafted material for film. Expect lively discussions about successful and unsuccessful attempts at remaking, reshaping, and rebooting movies and the importance writing plays in making such endeavors successful.
Reg# 372829 – Classroom (UCLA)

Adaptation for Screenwriters II with Warren Lewis
Part 2 of our Adaptation series, building on Part 1, focusing on polishing a short script OR working on an initial feature draft. If you haven’t completed Part 1, you must be prepared for the first class with a strong outline, several intro pages, and pitch for your project.
Reg# 373306 – Classroom (UCLA)

Writing the First Screenplay in a Month: The Outline with Diane Drake
The first time offering of the feature counterpart to our TV Pilot/Spec Script Writing in a Month courses, this time-condensed class is great for beginners and experienced writers alike looking to get a handle on the basics of screenwriting and create the outline for their script. Similar to Writing the First Screenplay I, but with an eye toward more independent learning and practice between two weekends of intensive instruction and
Reg# 372828 – Classroom (Westwood) – Saturday, Sunday, May 2 & 3; May 30 & 31

Half-Hour TV Pilot Script Writing in a Month: Part I and Part II with Tom Pinchuk
The half-hour counterpart to our One-Hour TV Pilot/Spec Script Writing in a Month courses, this time-condensed class is great for beginners and experienced writers alike looking to get a handle on the basics of screenwriting and create the outline for their script. In Part I you’ll work on breaking your story, developing the outline, and drafting the first pages, and in Part II you’ll finish your draft and start polishing it. These two classes can be taken in sequence and completed in one quarter, making them the fast-track way to draft a spec script with professional instruction and feedback in just three months.
PART I: Reg# 373182 – Classroom (UCLA) – Saturday, Sunday, Apr. 4 & 5; May 2 & 3
PART II: Reg# 373183 – Classroom (UCLA) – Saturday, Sunday, May 16 & 17; June 13 & 14

Spring quarter begins the week of March 30th, but as you can see we have courses beginning up through mid-May. No matter what your goals or interests, we can find a class for you. Reach out to us anytime at


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