Work studies are an integral part of the Writers’ Program team. They provide a lot of program support by assisting staff with various administrative, event, and social media tasks. We’re excited to introduce our work studies Alexis, Noemi, and Spun here today.


Writers’ Program: Alexis, Noemi, and Spun, tell us about yourselves!

Alexis: I’m from Santa Clarita, California and a transfer student at UCLA! I’m currently majoring in English with a minor in Education Studies, and I’m hoping to teach abroad and further my education after getting my bachelor’s. I love coffee, plants, and I’m obsessed with my cat, Mandu.

Noemi: Hi there! My name is Noemi (it’s pronounced like No-Amy, weird I know) and I’m from Portland, Oregon. I’m currently a third year transfer student at UCLA studying English Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing. I love appreciating the art of storytelling through all sorts of media: books, movies and television, photography, and theater. I’m also a big fan of the London Fog tea latte and dogs of all shapes and sizes!

Spun: Hey! My name is Spun and I’m in my last year at UCLA. I am a Gender Studies major and when I’m not reading I like to relax with music, drawing, and poetry. I love dogs as much as I love cats, but I’m sadly allergic to the latter. When I graduate I want to be involved in community-centered work, hopefully with lots of art and plants!


WP: What’s a fun fact that most people don’t know about you?

A: I was – still am, technically – a huge band nerd. I was in marching band throughout high school and was even drum major my junior and senior year. I don’t play music anymore, but the moments I shared with my band friends are some of my most precious memories.

N: A fun fact about me is that I speak Hungarian! My mom immigrated to the US from Hungary when she was in college and growing up my family would always go back to visit our relatives there. It’s a skill that doesn’t come in handy very often, but it’s definitely one of the most unique things about me!

S: I like to sew and I am currently in the process of making two shirts!


WP: If you were trapped on a deserted island, what 3 works of literature would you take with you?

A: Questions like these make me forget literally every book I’ve ever read. I if I had to choose, I’d definitely bring Complete Tales and Poems by Edgar Allan Poe, since that would really keep me busy. I’d probably also bring Crazy by Han Nolan, since it was one of the first books that I wanted to read multiple times. As for a third, I think I’d bring The End by Lemony Snicket, since it’s the last book from one of my favorite series.

N: Hmmm, that’s a tough question. I think I would take Pale Fire by Nabokov because I can always find something new to discover when I read it, Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Joan Didion to spark some self-reflection, and something by Shakespeare—maybe Hamlet—because on a deserted island would be the only place I’d have enough patience to read him.

S: Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde, Cereus Blooms at Night by Shani Mootoo, and The Essential Rumi by Rumi.

WP: Are you a writer? If yes, what are you currently writing?

A: I want to say that I’m writer, but I’m still learning. I’m currently working on a few short stories, mostly just as practice, but I’d love to write young adult and fantasy novels one day!

N: Yes I am a writer! A more short term project I’m working on right now is a pair of short realist stories. A more long term project in the works is a screenplay that’s in its most early stages right now, and a translated autobiography of my grandparents.

S: Yes, I am working on some poems!

WP: What excites you most about working in the Writers’ Program?

A: I’m excited to be learning new skills that I can perfect in the future. But the most exciting thing is the people I’ve met. The Writers’ Program is like a club of some of the funniest and most creative individuals I’ve met. They truly make going to work everyday fun, and I’m looking forward to learning more from them.

N: My favorite part about working in the Writers’ Program is being surrounded by people whose passions are also writing! Getting to discuss popular literature, movies, and television, as well as personal works-in-progress, has been very inspiring and motivating. I also love the idea that the work I’m doing is helping to facilitate the writing of so many students of the craft. Definitely the best work experience I’ve had yet!

S: I love the different perspectives about writing and the resources we come across.

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