As we approach the one-year mark since we were unexpectedly shifted, physically and mentally, to an all-online, all-remote structure for classes (and instructors and staff), we continue to look ahead to offering newly developed courses to keep up with, and anticipate, the ever-changing landscape of writing as craft and career. As we continue to offer all courses in one of several online formats, we hope our students all over the world find the course that is the right fit for their needs, and their schedules. You can always reach out to us to suggest new course and scheduling ideas – though we can’t make every request happen, we make every effort to acknowledge and explore options for expanding our program further (through classes, events, seminars, scholarships, competitions, consultations, and more) and to make it more accessible to our growing, thriving student population.
Here are the NEW courses we have on offer for Spring:

Creative Writing

Voices of Color Workshop with Aatif Rashid
Join a community of writers of color exploring how storytelling capturing your lived experiences fits into a rich global tradition of writing.
Reg# 379629 – Starts April 5 – Remote Instruction

Mystery Writing I with Kris Neri
For those embarking on writing a novel in this exciting, immensely popular genre, this course will help you define what will make your novel a compelling read, while studying the genre through reading the work of pros and your fellow mystery writers.
Reg# 378989 – Starts April 7– Online

Mindfulness and the Creative Writer with Lesley Hyatt
The days of the suffering artist have long held sway over creatives, but in recent years it’s become more clear that the best work can be created when artists prioritize their wellbeing. A course combining the practice of mindfulness with writing exercises is a great step for anyone who’s looking to access their creative brain in a healthy, conscious manner.
Reg# 379073 – Starts April 28 – Remote Instruction

Writing the Review with Kevin O’Keeffe
What separates a professional critic from those posting opinion essays on Medium or threads on Twitter? This course will teach you how to start on the path to crafting insightful, knowledgeable commentary for publication on a professional level?
Reg# 378987 – Starts April 6– Remote Instruction

Building the Short Story Collection with Colette Sartor
This advanced course will help students with a portfolio of stories refine and prepare them to collect in a singular work.
Reg# 378988 – Starts April 13 – Remote Instruction


Writing Your Short Film with Koji Steven Sakai
Short films are a great way to explore concepts and filmmaking methods in a fairly low-risk way, as well as being good vehicles to prove the concept for a larger project. Whatever your goals with writing a short, this course will ensure you have a solid concept and help you write a compelling first draft.
Reg# 379105 – Starts April 3 – Remote Instruction

Writing Your First Streaming TV Series with Cynthia Hsiung
This course teaches the basics of how to develop a scripted series in the current streaming landscape. Develop your ideas into viable series concepts with the goal of having the vital digital pitching tool, a pitch deck, completed by the end of the course.
Reg# 379100 – Starts March 30 – Remote Instruction

Writing Character Driven Scenes with Roz Weisberg
Learn the essential components of a scene and the questions that each scene needs to ask and answer in order to tell compelling stories. And end up with 2-3 rewritten or original scenes for your current project and a map to link those scenes into a sequence.
Reg# 379108 – Starts April 21  – Online

How To Have a Writing Career with Nancy Nigrosh
Learn the professional skills you need to survive in an industry where your creative skills and vision are as important as your ability to navigate the business.
Reg# 379104 – Starts April 3– Remote Instruction

Originals, Remakes and Rip-Offs with Brooks Wachtel
Using story analysis and other techniques, you’ll hone the ability to spot story strengths and weakness in scripts, which can help with your own writing and make you more employable as a reader doing script coverage.
Reg# 379469 – Starts April 1 – Remote Instruction

Narrative Podcast Pilot Development Part I with Kristen Lepore
Podcasting has proven a strong arena for nonfiction writers to flex their storytelling muscles. This course will help you understand the essential elements of storytelling through audio, while guiding you through developing your series pilot and outline.
Reg# 379999 – Starts March 31 – Online

Get Your Story Straight with Diane Drake
Craft and tinker with your story from a high-level point of view in this workshop teaching you the basics of screen story for beginners.
Reg# 379109 – Starts May 1 – Remote Instruction

Polishing, Pitching and Preparing your Pilot for the Marketplace with Phil Kellard
This advanced course will take a full pilot draft to polished script, help you develop a show bible, and practice pitching to your instructor and classmates in preparation for real world industry experiences.
Reg# 379097 – Starts April 8 – Remote Instruction

One-day and Weekend Seminars

In order to continue giving access to those who want to pursue writing topics but lack the funds or other resources to commit to an entire class, we’ll continue to offer free one-day courses each term, even after the pandemic subsides. The free seminars open for registration two weeks prior to the course date – and these seminars are not recorded so live attendance is required. Due to the overwhelming popularity of these seminars, we request that registrants commit to live attendance and only register if they will be able to attend at the date/time of the course. These free seminars provide public access to resources for those who may not otherwise be able to take classes with us, and enrollment is limited.
We have also resumed offering some seminars at a low-cost $30+ price point for three-hours, one-day, or weekend offerings. These courses are available for registration now.

How to Submit to Literary Magazines with Colette Sartor
Learn how to submit your work for publication in literary magazines in this practical seminar with advice, techniques, and resources to help you.
Reg# 378997 – Saturday, April 24, 10am-1pm – Remote Instruction

Writing an Effective Query Letter with Dara Hyde
Discover what you need to include in a query letter and how to pull it all together. Learn how to find the right agent for you and your work. And know when you’re ready to query.
Reg# 379576 – Saturday, May 8, 10am-1pm – Remote Instruction

Introduction to Picture Books with April Halprin Wayland, Alexis O’Neill and Barney Saltzberg
For anyone who’s ever been curious about writing picture books, the hows, whys, and whats, this panel-driven seminar will provide the info and tools to get you started.
Reg# 379234 – Saturday, April 3, 12-3pm – Remote Instruction

Poetry as Self-Portrait with Rosebud Ben-Oni
Learn about how poets infuse themselves, their views of their personhood, location, culture, and more influence how they craft compelling stories through poetry.
Reg# 379102 – Saturday, April 10, 10am-1pm – Remote Instruction

How to Format Your Script Like a Pro with Karl Iglesias
Script format is more than knowing proper tags and how often to use CUT TO: in transitions. Learn from a longtime pro on how to ensure your formatting style is perceived as professional, not amateur.
Reg# 379473 – Saturday, April 17, 10am-1pm – FREE

Prose Poetry: One Day Workshop with Ruben Quesada
Examine how story structure, music, and imagination allow us to construct and discuss poems, and discover how the intersection of poetry and prose offers a range of possibilities for style and subject.
Reg# 379625 – Saturday, April 24, 10am-1pm – FREE


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