Former student Curtis Pierce recently had his first publication in print with a story in the Evening Street Review. He says of the experience, “Literary journals are inundated with submissions. The themes of denial and PTSD in my piece appear to have resonated  with the editors at Evening Street Review.”

Regarding his time in the Writers’ Program, Curtis continues, “But I also have no doubt that breaking through and getting that acceptance was due in large part to the excellent instruction and insightful personalized comments I received from all my instructors at the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program: Stephen Cooper, Marissa Matarazzo, Michael Buckley, and Lou Mathews. I’ll never forget Stephen Cooper saying at the first meeting ‘many people signed up for this course but dropped out before it started. You people sitting here, you have stories to tell.’ Encouraging comments like that motivate students to improve and to persevere.”

Congratulations, Curtis! If you have a success story, we want to hear about it! Click here.

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