UCLA alumna (BA, English) and freelance copywriter Kathleen Guthrie Woods wanted to learn something new when she signed up for Barbara Abercrombie‘s Personal Essay class through the Writers’ Program. She figured she’d have fun stretching her creative muscles and couldn’t even imagine how that one class would change her life.
“I ditched my work-in-progress at the last minute,” she says, “and, in a fit of inspiration, wrote an essay that would become the prologue of my book.” That book, The Mother of All Dilemmas: Dreams of Motherhood and the Internship that Changed Everything, was published in July 2021.

Woods also connected with other writers in the program who would join her in a writers’ group, invite her to contribute to blogs, help her reach her goals, and celebrate wins as they all got published. “It was all because I took a risk,” she says. “What are you curious about? Sign up for that class, and go for it!”

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