Photograph by Lisa Johnson Rock

Certificate student Tana Douglas’s debut memoir, LOUD, releases in the US on 9/20. Tana says, “Success is such a personal thing. I was happy with the completion of LOUD and heralded that a success, but to now be in a position where my book has been published in several major literary markets, with a documentary in early stages of development, success is an everchanging thing.”

Of her experience in the Writers’ Program she adds, “To continue on the theme of success, each class I have taken through the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program has allowed me to successfully climb yet another rung in my journey of becoming the best writer I can become. This would not have been possible without  the caring, driven, excellent instructors, that taught me how to open up and get out of my own way. I thank them for making my journey one filled with excitement.”

Congratulations, Tana! If you have a success story, we want to hear about it! Click here.

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