The warmth of Summer approaches us here in California as it does in many places on this side of the globe. As we gear up for outdoor activities and finding some ease in the sunnier weather, we also know that those writing projects and goals won’t move themselves. With a handful of new classes and some exciting one-day free seminars you can choose to dip your toes into accomplishing some writing goals this season, or dive all the way in the pool to swim around in a creative swirl.

Creating the Concept with Valerie Brandy
Inspiration has struck and you celebrate – until you have to actually consider if the idea has merit, and in what format. This course will help you navigate how to determine what ideas are best suited to different formats and genres. You’ll also learn how to take these concepts into pitches and meetings to set you apart from others and turn those ideas into produced projects.
Reg# 392627 – Online – Starting July 26

Writing for Documentary William Badgley
It’s a common misconception that documentaries are unscripted. While they may not follow traditional scripted formats with pre-planned dialogue, successful documentaries still need narrative arcs, development of story and ‘characters,’ structure, and an understanding of flow and pacing – all of which is determined through writing.
Reg# 392623 – In-person – Starting July 1

Supercharge Your Writing Efforts with Nick Milodragovich
Learn how to use linked digital notes to never start from a blank page again, to overcome and to stay in flow to get more of your best writing done more often.  You’ll also use technology to help you  effectively manage multiple ideas simultaneously and reliably make progress in your writing efforts—leading to some of your most inspired and valuable creative output.
Reg# 392626 – Remote (online via Zoom) – Starting July 27

Poetry in the Realms of the Senses with Rosebud Ben-Oni
Plunge into—and beyond—the realms of your senses to shape new work. Explore different facets and themes of writing about sensory perceptions, movement, and the body to search for and reshape what it means to inhabit the human body.
Reg# 392272 – Online – Starting August 2


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