Jamie Della

This fall, Writers’ Program student, Jamie Della, priestess, healer, Xicana Witch, and creativity mentor will publish her tenth book, A Box of Magick, on September 23rd. Jamie has been a Wiccan author and spokesperson for 23 consecutive years and has contributed to the rise of Witchcraft and Divine Feminine within mainstream awareness.

Jamie wrote of her connection to the Writers’ Program, “UCLA writing classes helped me craft my words in published articles and books with the storytelling charm and honesty that has helped readers discover how to love and accept the Magick within themselves. My favorite classes were Memoir courses by Shawna Kenney, who gave me the permission slip and guiding hand that I needed to go to deep, vulnerable places and tell the story that is only mine to tell. Her instruction guided me through writing the memoir sections of my latest book, my tenth, A Box of Magick: A Guided Journey to Crafting a Magickal Life through Witchcraft, Ritual Herbalism and Spellcrafting; Shawna’s contribution is acknowledged in A Box of Magick.”

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