Mal Walden

Former student Mal Walden has been experiencing success in the publishing world. Since publishing his memoir, “The Newsman” he has written 6 other books, his 8th is due for release in late 2023.

Of his time in the writing program, Mal writes, “In December 2013 I retired from a career in Australian media spanning six decades. In writing news scripts, I was initially taught that ‘twelve words were six words too many’. On that basis, I felt writing a memoir was virtually impossible. During my final year as a senior anchor at Channel Ten News in Melbourne, I was accepted by UCLA into a non-fiction writing course. It was then I discovered new forms of writing and was able to complete my memoir which was accepted by Brolga Publishing and distributed by Simon and Schuster. My writing in retirement would not have been possible without the guidance and tutoring of Gordon Grice at UCLA. “

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