Barry Vigon

Instructor Biography

MFA, writer/producer, and WGA member who served as a co-exec producer on Malcolm & Eddie and Martin, a producer on Something Wilder, and a supervising producer on Veronica’s Closet. Mr. Vigon wrote for Soap, Roseanne, and Fame, and created pilots for CBS, NBC, ABC, and The Disney Channel.

Instructor Statement:

Somebody once said “dying is easy, it’s comedy that’s hard.” I expect a full commitment from every writer who takes this course. My course is designed to teach the student how to use the fundamentals of sitcom script writing in order to execute a script worthy of competing in the marketplace. The classroom is run much like the writer’s room on a television sitcom. Class participation is an integral component of the course. Assignments are given each week and we examine characters, story, and dialogue. I give detailed feedback, share personal writing experiences, and provide the kind of encouragement and guidance I believe young writers need. Oh yeah, and we laugh a lot.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Barry is awesome! He has a great balance of being encouraging and stern enough to get us off to a great, promising start. He was always engaged and available throughout the class, and his suggestions and critiques were invaluable.” —Writers’ Program student

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