Bonnie MacBird

Instructor Biography:

BA (music), MA (film), three time Emmy Award-winning producer, former Universal feature film development executive, screenwriter (Tron), playwright, president of Creative Licensing/Skybird Pictures, and SAG actor.

Instructor Statement:

I love movies because they are the art that encompasses most of the other art forms. And screenwriting is where the most creative, juicy stuff happens. During my 30-plus years as a writer/producer, I’ve found that the visual, performing and musical arts provide rich references to the craft of screenwriting.

I’ve developed some road-tested, cross-disciplinary approaches to enhance your craft and develop you into a writer with something to say. Deceptively playful exercises from theater and the visual arts, for example, can add color, depth and sparkle to your writing. They also connect you more deeply to your work—and help build the stamina and flexibility you need to stay in the game. While my courses are process, not product, oriented, weekly writing challenges jump start productivity and result in many pages during the quarter. A hallmark of my method is private email crits and public actor readings of your work in a supportive atmosphere. Inspired by some master teachers who have helped me along the way—particularly Betty Edwards, Dennis Krausnick, Natalie Goldberg, Tim Gallwey, Julia Cameron and the work of Viola Spolin—I aim to inspire your process in enjoyable ways that may open the door to your finest work. Suited for all levels, from novice to pro, my classes work especially well for actors, editors, artists, and musicians.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Bonnie’s course exceeded my expectations. I felt truly challenged to push through and accomplish much of what I set out to at the beginning of the class. The evaluation methods were so in-depth and that was one of the key factors in my growth as writer. — Writers’ Program Student

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