Carmiel Banasky

Instructor Biography:

MFA, author of the novel The Suicide of Claire Bishop (Dzanc Books, 2015). Ms. Banasky’s fiction has been featured in Prairie Schooner, Slice Magazine, PEN America, American Short Fiction, Glimmer Train Stories, The Rumpus, and on NPR, among others.

Instructor Statement: 

Great writing can seem like magic, but great writers almost always have a rulebook in their heads. Sometimes the rules are age-old (show don’t tell), sometimes they’re invented and generative. Innovative fiction comes from knowing when to follow these rules and when to break them. My workshops are a place to make mistakes and try new things, but also to fall (back) in love with the fundamentals.

My goal is to create a workshop space safe enough to look at vulnerable material objectively, apply the craft tools we’re discussing, and make the work sing. One can write a well-crafted piece without heart, or a heart-wrenching piece lacking craft. Together, we’ll find the sweet in-between.

I’m also interested in writing as a way to strengthen empathy. Writing reveals our selves to ourselves and reminds us how much we all share, no matter our differences. In other words, we’re all weirdoes.

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