Christa Desir

Instructor Biography:
Author of Fault Line, Bleed Like Me, and Other Broken Things. Ms. Desir is the acquiring editor for Sourcebooks Publishing and edited several New York Times bestselling novels. She also developed an editorial services company for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) that includes a remote mentorship program.

Instructor Statement:
One of the most important endeavors in my life is to continuously cultivate new readers—to create a safe place in books for people to learn, escape, or grow. I believe the best way to do this is to put excellent books out in the world that people can connect with, see themselves in, or expand as compassionate humans because of.
Part of my job as an editor is to fine-tune stories in a way that helps fulfill the promise the author is making to the reader. I hope to instill that same goal in my students. Students in my course will learn to develop an eye to see what the author is trying to accomplish, and they will receive the tools necessary to help bring out the very best in a story.

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