David Nichols

Instructor Biography:

Television writer/executive producer, WGA member who co-executive produced Grace Under Fire and Hearts Afire. Mr. Nichols served as an executive producer for Caroline in the City and has also written for Just Shoot Me!, Hearts Afire, Evening Shade, All About Us, Emeril, and Golden Girls. He has sold pilots to CBS, NBC, WB, ABC Family, and Disney among many others.

Instructor Statement:

Have you ever told your friends or family a funny story about someone you all know and made everybody laugh? Felt good, didn’t it? Well the truth is, if you can do that, you just might be able to write a great spec sitcom script. Because at the most basic level, that’s what sitcoms are — funny anecdotes about people we know. And that means we’re laughing and intrigued as soon as we hear the set-up. (“I can’t believe somebody asked crazy Aunt Mary out on a date!”) But for your story to really work, you need to know how current TV comedies are structured, how to put your characters in situations that allow the biggest comic payoff (after all, they don’t call them “situation” comedies for nothing), and how to organize all your great ideas into an outline that will be your road-map when you create your final script. As an instructor, my goal is to help you learn all that in a supportive, collaborative, and — hopefully — fun environment that mirrors the approach we take in an actual sitcom writer’s room. Who knows? You may go on to win an Emmy for “Best Comedy Writing”. But even if you don’t, I bet your next story about crazy Aunt Mary will be hilarious.

Our Students Say it Best!

“David very much cares about our progress as writers. He was very available and courteous to our respective visions as well.” Writers’ Program Student

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