Jacqueline Zambrano

Instructor Biography:

Writer/producer; WGA member and multiple award nominee, Ms. Zambrano has written for numerous shows, including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Star Trek. She also has created and executive produced dramatic television series for Fox, CBS, Pax, and Showtime, and the internet.

Instructor Statement:

For a writer, the online experience is an incredible opportunity to study and produce work. You get to view the work of your fellow writers and everyone provides feedback. You choose your own hours to write and to participate in class. No traffic, no distractions—you have more time and freedom to immerse yourself in the creative world of your making. Try it once and you’ll be hooked. That’s why I’m here—wherever “here” may be. What I bring to class is my “in the trenches” experience of a working writer. If writing a great screenplay was as simple as following some rules, every writer would be an Oscar winner. There are many elements that go into a A-list script—including the writer’s inspiration and work habits. My commitment to my class is to share my experience on all aspects of writing and the writer’s life to help each of you find your unique voice.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Jacqui is an incredible instructor, with fabulous insights; not only with writing but the industry as well. Her feedback was insightful and deep, and it was obvious that she read my script with great care. She was very generous with her time, adding extra office sessions, which were very valuable in giving us the opportunity to ask direct questions. Her no-holds barred feedback was honest, open and constructive, and she always took great care to explain her position and why she felt it was a better direction to pursue.” —Writers’ Program student

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