John Doolittle

Instructor Biography:

MFA, screenwriter; WGA member who did a production rewrite on the Academy Award-nominated screenplay, The Player. Mr. Doolittle has written feature film and television projects for Paramount, Walt Disney Studios, Amblin Entertainment, Miramax, Nickelodeon, and Castle Rock. He adapted Infinite Jest for HBO and currently is working on a TNT film to be directed by Robert Towne.

Instructor Statement: 

Writing should be fun. Let me say that again, for those of you whose jaw dropped at that statement: writing should be fun. If writing isn’t fun for you, find some other way to express your creativity. For me, imagining stories and coming up with characters to live and move about in worlds that I create is way more than fun. It’s the most exciting adventure I can imagine. That’s the operative word: imagination. Locating your imagination muscle and developing it is the first step to our creative craft called screenwriting. But like every art form, from haiku poetry to basket weaving, writing for the movies has its “environmental factors” imposed by the nature of the art. We are writing for people who are going to be sitting in the dark watching a series of images. This reality offers both opportunity and challenge. How do we reveal in words a story that is meant to be seen? What does a story need in order for it to be a movie? This is the craft.

Our Students Say it Best!

John is an excellent communicator. He knows this subject, and he gives the best lectures and other materials. John’s positive, sunny attitude encourages everyone to write their best even when changes are suggested. He lifts the weight of doubt that plagues many writers.” —Writers’ Program student

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