Kristen Lepore

Instructor Bio:

Kristen Lepore is a journalist dedicated to elevating emerging voices. She currently oversees the Independent Producer Project at KCRW, an NPR affiliate in Los Angeles. In this role, she works with producers around the world to provide monetary and editorial support so that their stories get heard. She hosts training workshops, edits stories, and heads up the Annual 24-Hour Radio Race, an overnight audio competition. Kristen also manages production on the critically acclaimed podcast Bodies, a documentary show that combines intimate, nuanced storytelling with health reporting to uncover the systems that affect our health. Prior to working at KCRW, Kristen worked as an audience editor at L.A. Weekly and as a project manager at the NPR-affiliate KPCC. Her writing has appeared in the L.A. Times, Washington Post and Quartz. Over the years, she’s reported on culture, climate and politics. Kristen has a journalism degree from the University of Missouri. She’s originally from Chicago and now a proud Angeleno. She’s always down to talk about your story ideas.

Instructor Statement:

There’s an art to writing about your work. Whether you’re talking to a sponsor, a network or a listener, I’ll help you hone in on the heart of your story. Because behind every great podcast is a persuasive pitch. I teach producers how to identify their audience and work towards reaching them. You’ll walk away from my class with an understanding of how to launch your podcast and what you need to keep it going.

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