Kristen Lepore

Instructor Bio:

Kristen is a journalist and audio editor based in Los Angeles. Kristen has a background in investigative, narrative audio docs. Currently she works as a supervising producer at Lemonada Media. Previously, she was head of KCRW’s Independent Producer Project and Bodies podcast. Her team won a Third Coast Award in 2020 for their work on Not This Again. Kristen is a Chicago native. She has a journalism degree from University of Missouri-Columbia. In her free time, she writes about relationships and culture; her writing has been featured in Marie Claire, Quartz and The Washington Post. 

Instructor Statement:

There’s an art to writing about your work. Whether you’re talking to a sponsor, a network or a listener, I’ll help you hone in on the heart of your story. Because behind every great podcast is a persuasive pitch. I teach producers how to identify their audience and work towards reaching them. You’ll walk away from my class with an understanding of how to launch your podcast and what you need to keep it going.

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