Lee Hollin

Instructor Biography:

M.E.I.M., currently he serves as the Senior Vice President, Current Programming at Lions Gate. As the former Vice President of Current Programming at CBS Entertainment, Mr. Hollin oversaw Madam Secretary, The Odd Couple, Jane The Virgin, and Criminal Minds. 

Instructor Statement:

When you sell a television pitch and embark on writing the script, your success will not only be determined by the quality of your writing, but by your ability to work within a very specific and often mysterious environment—the network/studio system. For those who possess an understanding of the rhythms and processes of the system, as well as the dynamics of the development executives they will encounter, the path to success will be significantly less bumpy. They say “success is where preparation meets opportunity,” and I can help you prepare. If you have an idea and the talent to execute it, I can prepare you for success if you’re fortunate enough to sell it!

Our Students Say it Best!

Lee is very knowledgeable in the field and pretty much answered any questions asked and informed us of all he knows about television development. It’s nice to have someone teaching who does it for a living. — Writers’ Program Student

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