Lia Langworthy

Instructor Biography:

MFA, TV writer, essayist; WGA member whose credits include, Soul FoodThe ShieldGeneral Hospital and Media. Ms. Langworthy has written for FX, Showtime, ABC and TvOne. She’s also the recipient of the ABC Daytime TV Writing Fellowship and the Fox Diversity TV Writing Fellowship.

Instructor Statement:

If your writing doesn’t scare or intimidate you a little (or a lot) then you’re not challenging yourself to create your best work. As your instructor I aim to inspire you to create daring work, to help you rise to the occasion and be the writer you dream to be. It’s not an easy task but by challenging and encouraging you to think critically and creatively; and fostering a supportive, yet demanding environment, I guide my students to tell the best version of the stories they want to tell. I nudge the student so their work might someday nudge the world.

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