Lisa Medway

Instructor Biography:

Screenwriter and WGA member with a 30-year career in television as a comedy and animation writer. Ms. Medway has written humorous essays for Parenting, is the author of an eponymous award-winning column for Copley Newspapers, and the co-author of ME 101: A Workbook for a Better Relationship. Her stories have been performed at UCB, SIT ‘N SPIN and the Writers Guild and she is the recipient of a UCLA Extension Outstanding Instructor Award in Screenwriting.

 Instructor Statement:

Tragedy shines a light on despair and comedy helps us celebrate the absurdity of Life. Creative Non-Fiction is stand-up comedy for introverts. Whether your passion is pop-culture, family life, dating, shopping, collecting or first person narcissism, humorous prose is the happy marriage between a wicked sense of humor and a lust for language. Do you have strong opinions, bordering on the obnoxious? A delightfully twisted view of the world? An impressive vocabulary? A pencil? Let’s recycle that rant rumbling inside of you into a witty essay that you might actually sell (which would cover the fee of this course). How good does that sound? Exactly.

Our Students Say it Best!

“Lisa Medway is a great teacher. I love the enthusiasm and passion she brings to each of her lessons. Her comments are always relevant and helpful, and she encourages us to work harder and push ourselves more with each assignment.” —Writers’ Program student

Instructor Blog: Click here to go to Lisa’s blog.

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