Matt Corman

Instructor Bio:

Writer/producer, WGA member, co-created and was the co-showrunner of Covert Affairs which ran on the USA network for five seasons. He has also served as co-showrunner on several other network shows. Along with his writing partner, he has sold pilots to ABC, NBC, CBS, the CW and basic cable outlets and streamers.

Instructor Statement: The best writing, like all great art, is highly personal and deeply original. Creativity is most potent and exciting when it springs unfettered from the deepest part of an artist’s mind. And yet, TV and film writing demand rigor. There are pillars of narrative form and structure which define the medium. My goal is to allow students to synthesize these two ideas. I aim to help students understand the foundations of storytelling that exist in our industry, while finding their own path towards navigating the blank page with originality and flair.

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